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2nd Half

Hey everyone! 

We have reached the half way mark of our season, and we are currently in a dead lock with Durham topping out of our division.  We are in a very good position heading into the second half considering all the promotions and injuries that have taken place.  Only four position players from our original roster remain since we broke camp back in April; Rojas, Christian, Hammock, and myself.  It is a testimate to the type of ball players this organization has when our roster is continuously changing and we all still continue to adjust to one another without delay, remaining one of the top teams in the league thus far! We can attribute most of our success to our pitching staff, for they have been outstanding even with their varying personnel as well. These guys go out every night and throw strikes giving us a chance to win.   

Like almost all of my fellow Tides, I took full advantage of the All-Star break and flew back home to California to spend some time with friends and family.  It was a nice break, getting away from the field for a couple days to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  The two highlights of being back in California. (Besides getting to see everyone) First were all of the home cooked meals which are few and far between for most ball players due to our long hours and late nights getting out of the field, and second was getting the opportunity to have lunch with Jon Wilhite. On Wednesday, I got to have lunch with Jon and some former college teammates of mine.  It was a pretty entertaining meal, and through all of the tragedy that struck Jon and his family, Jon by no means lost his sense of humor. He was telling stories about the time he spent in the hospital and some of the details regarding the experiences he went through.  As always, Jon had the entire table laughing and indulged in what he had to say. His optimism and positive outlook on life has only grown from the last conversation I had with him, he looks great and is continuing to get better every day. Keep it up Willis!  

Although getting the opportunity to return home for a few days was enjoyable to say the least, it’s time to get back to work as we move forward into the second half of our season with a little more than a month and half left to play.  Every game counts throughout the entire season, however, the second half is when it is really time to bear down and take advantage of every opportunity we are provided. This is especially important to remember since our schedule is heavy with games against teams in our division. Hopefully everyone can stay healthy and we can continue our success right throughout the remainder of our regular season.

Justin Turner

Good Times

Hey everyone!  

I’m blogging from the Park Inn Hotel in Toledo, Ohio. After taking the first two games from the Mud Hens, it looks as if we are carrying our momentum from our eight-game home stand where we went 6-2, while continuing to play good baseball.  

For me, the last home series was incredibly fun because it was also a chance for my parents to get out to Norfolk for the first time.  After our Tuesday game the Tides GM Dave Rosenfield sponsored a small cruise on the American Rover.  Players, family, and Tide’s staff were all invited. Other than being a tad on the cold side, it was a truly enjoyable cruise.   

Wednesday was an off-day for the club, and since my parents had never been to DC we headed up North to tour our Nations Capitol. I strongly recommend taking the trip to any and all that have not yet had the opportunity to do so already!  It is incredible to see how much history and different memorials and monuments are all located so close to one another.  We got to see the Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR MemorialsThe White House, and The Arlington Cemetery. My favorite part of the day was watching the changing of the guards at The Tomb of the Unknown.  If you are unaware of what these guards responsibilities and commitments are in order to properly guard the tomb I suggest you take time to visit this link in order to gain a bit more insight into how exceptional these men truly are! .  I do however want to give any future sight seers some advice however; you can’t see everything DC has to offer all in one day, so to truly enjoy the history and landmarks that help set the path for what our country is today, set a few days aside to to your time and take in all the history. It will be worth it. My only regret from the trip is that I wish we could have spent some time checking out the 12 Smithsonian Museums.  Still, with that being said, overall it was a really nice day.   

Thursday night was also an experience for my parents and I. After our game we headed to The Great Steak, where they remained open after hours to reward us for sweeping the Charlotte Knights earlier in April.  When you enter The Great Steak Restaurant, the first thing you do is walk straight to a fridge and handpick your steak! (Which are huge by the way!!!) Next you head over to an enormous grill and you actually get to toss it on.  (That’s right, you pick and cook your own steak!)  The steaks came out great! Boy would I would love to see a Great Steak open up in California. 

My personal life aside, let’s talk some baseball! Unfortunately for the Tides club, we’ve lost a couple more players from our initial roster. Scott Moore will miss the rest of the season due to needing surgery on his thumb. On a brighter note, Nolan Reimold and Jason Berken have both got their first call ups to the show. and immediately following tonight’s game, Matt Wieters and David Hernandez got the news that they will be joining the big club.  (Good Luck Guys!) It was awesome to see smiles from ear to ear when they came out of the mangers office after receiving the good news.   

We hope to continue entertaining and playing Tides baseball despite the fluctuating roster!

Every night we’ve maintained the work ethic necessary to give ourselves a chance to win ball games. That is why we’ve been successful thus far this year.  

Thank you all for your support , and I look forward to seeing you all out there at the park! 


Time Flys

Hey everyone, 

   As you all know winning is always a lot more fun than losing, and the Tides have been doing there fair share of winning early in in this marathon season.  As the saying goes, time flies when your having fun, I didn’t realize that I had not logged on for a blog in some time.  So, sorry for the absence. 
   After a rough first series of the year against the Durham Bulls, we have been playing exceptional baseball.  With the work of our outstanding pitching staff, some great defense, and an explosive offense, we managed to wrap off nine wins in a row falling one win short of what I believe was the franchise record of ten in a row. 
   Even though our season is still very young, we’ve already had two players promoted to the big club in outfielder Lou Montanez, who was absolutely on fire while he was here, and starting pitcher Brad Bergesen, who made his debut against the White Sox going 5 plus innings and earning his first Big League win.  Congrats Bergy!
   Hopefully we can keep this momentum rolling through the long season, and after an off day today we will pick up tomorrow night against the Braves.  We are set to go at it with a little different line up with Melvin Mora making a rehab start.  So come on out and check us out if your nearby.  There’s nothing like watching some good baseball and we’ve had absolutely perfect baseball weather.  Hope I don’t jinx it.
P.S.  Jon Wilhite is making progress and is on the road to recovery after a successful surgery.  Way to go buddy! 

Thoughts and Prayers

Hey everyone! My name is Justin Turner, and I’ve been given the opportunity to provide you with an in depth look into my life as a member of the Norfolk Tides. I will not only be sharing with you my daily occurrences, but also giving you insight into the experiences of Norfolk Tide Baseball.


Before I begin, I only feel it is right to give you a little background information about who I am. My nickname is “Red”, and I have been known as “Red” since the day I was born. For those who don’t know me or have not seen me, the nickname stems from my bright red hair.  


My professional career began when I was drafted out of Cal State Fullerton in 2006 by the Cincinnati Reds organization in the 7th round of the MLB Draft. I spent two and half years in the Reds organization before I was traded to the Oriole’s along with fellow O’s Ryan Freel and Brandon Waring in exchange for Ramon Hernandez.  I broke camp with the Norfolk club and am looking forward to playing my first season for the O’s!


Thursday April 9, 2009 was an Opening Day unlike any other, and one with which I will never forget. It started with a bus ride to Durham, North Carolina, where we were to take on the Bulls. The mood in the bus was high as we were all anxious to get our season under way. As the bus set route and the team settled in to make the trip, I received a phone call that at the time would unknowingly provide me with devastating news.


As I am sure most, if not all of you are aware of, there was a tragic car accident in Fullerton, C.A. on the night of April 8, 2009. Angel’s pitcher, Nick Adenhart along with two other passengers lost their lives after their car was struck by a drunk driver. This was overwhelming news to everyone on the bus. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Nick, I was in disbelief and at a loss for words as this is a shock to the baseball community. On behalf of the entire Norfolk Tides team, our thoughts and prayers go out to Nick, his family and the families of the other two passengers who have left this world far too soon.


After hearing about the accident, I received a text that personally hit me hard.  As per the news I was aware that there were three other passengers in the car and only one survivor, but that was the extent of my knowledge. The survivor of the accident is friend and former Titan teammate, Jon Wilhite. Jon is one of the best teammates I have ever played with. His love and passion for the game and for the well being of the team was contagious! He grinded it out for five years and is a fighter. He was the guy that always got the job done when asked and came through in “clutch” situations. He is doing the same now! I have been receiving constant updates, and he is making progress! At this time I ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts prayers.


“Jon, I’m thinking about you bud and keep on fighting! Everyone is right there with you, shoulder to shoulder.  I can’t be there in person but there’s not a moment that goes by that I’m not thinking of you! Stay Strong!”


Love You,